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Okay, so this book legitimately gets better and better. It really picks up in chapters 2 & 3 and at that point, I was hooked. I’m eagerly awaiting book 2 because the cliffhanger is intense! 

Jay Woz

This is a great first novel with a strong female protagonist. Fantasy and romance nerds will love this book. I can't wait to read what happens next after the cliffhanger ending! 

Melissa M

I love romantic fantasy and this was such a fun, smooth read. I really love fae fantasy and can't wait to see where this story continues. 


Great quick read! Super steamy ending. Can't wait for the second one!!!  

Bekah A

This was a great first book in the series! Fast-paced, does end on a cliff hanger. I can’t wait to read book 2! I loved the chemistry between the two main characters. 

Tiffany L

Fans of ACOTAR will swoon! I loved Grayden and Renya's story and can't wait for it to continue! Gah!

Caitlin P